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63,28 EUR*
Details O Melhor de Amalia the Best of Amalia

SOM 1218; SOM LIVRE - Brasile; Pop Internazionale

16,49 EUR*
Details O Melhor Vol. 2

Amália da Piedade Rodrigues, (July 23, 1920 - October 6, 1999), also known as Amália Rodrigues was a Portuguese singer and actress. She was known as the "Rainha do Fado" ("Queen of Fado") and was most influential in popularizing the fado worldwide ...

18,47 EUR*
Details 10 Anos [O Melhor de]

Vinicius De Moraes and Toquinho - 10 Anos de Toquinho and Vinicius, Disc EX, Case EX, Format: Musik-CD, Philips Records. Brasilianische Musik CD Veröffentlichung von Vinicius De Moraes und Toquinho mit dem Album 10 Anos de Toquinho und Vinicius ...

8,18 EUR*
Details 2 Lados O Melhor de

2 Lados "2 Sides" is a best of and songbook in the same package. Each of the double CD collection is focused on a composer who, as is tradition in the MPB " Brazilian Popular Music" is also an interpreter of great successes. CD1 the singer, displays ...